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June 2021

04 June 2021: Major strides made in municipal negotiations


May 2021

13 May 2021: SALGA Special Members Assembly to bring about a municipal support plan to manage the transition

11 May 2021: SALGA to convene a Special Members Assembly to prepare for the 5th Term of Democratic Local Government


April 2021

29 April 2021: SALGA – JJWA Joint Seminars Brief Note


01 April 2021: SALGA statement on StatsSA 2019 NFCM


March 2021

24 March 2021: water week

24 March 2021: SALGA Municipal Sustainability Portfolio National Water Week


January 2021

21 January 2021: Media Statement SALGA pays tribute to the late Minister Jackson Mthembu

08 January 2021: Media Statement SALGA mourns the passing of NEC member Cllr Busisiwe Modisakeng


December 2020




November 2020

24 November 2020: SALGA and GAPP to host 25 Years of Local Government virtual conference



October 2020

20 October 2020: SALGA Leadership to engage Eastern Cape Municipalities, holds Media briefing


August 2020

01 August 2020:
#BlackIsKing: BLACK IS KING & QUEEN ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€”Localizing Talent for a Global Production

July 2020

01 July 2020: The regression in municipal audit outcomes highlights the need for intensified actions on extracting accountability and consequence management


May 2020

13 May 2020: Revised Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Annual Performance Plan 2020-2021


April 2020

29 April 2020: Local GovernmentŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s response to COVID-19 Portfolio Committee: COGTA

09 April 2020: SALGA condemns behaviour of certain Councillors amid COVID 19

08 April 2020: SALGA NEC meets on local governmentŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s response to COVID-19


February 2020

17 February 2020: Media Release SALGA to participate on the Reply to the Debate

11 February 2020: SALGA to convene a Media Briefing


January 2020

29 January 2020: SALGA welcomes the decision of CoGTA MEC Maile to rescind the decision to suspend CoJ and Tshwane Councillors


November 2019

15 November 2019: SALGA President Thembi Nkadimeng elected Co-President of the United Cities and Local Governments

13 November 2019: Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SALGA & NFBPA in Durban

04 November 2019: Local and International Cities converge in Port Elizabeth to deliberate on the role of water on economic development


October 2019

17 October 2019: Mpumalanga Provincial Municipal Health Services Summit

14 October 2019: SALGA Mpumalanga hosts 2019 Provincial MembersŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™ Assembly

11 October 2019: SALGA presents Annual Report 2018/19 to Portfolio Committee on CoGTA Committee commends SALGA for keeping ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€Āœits status of Clean AuditŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€¯

09 October 2019: Portfolio commends SALGA on good work and Clean Audit


September 2019

19 September 2019: Inaugural Municipal Water Services Scientific Forum: 19 ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€“ 20 September, Cape Town

18 September 2019: SALGA condemns the burning and destruction of CouncillorsŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™ homes in North West Province

04 September 2019: SALGA condemns attacks directed to Foreign National and calls for Municipalities to provide help to victims


August 2019

29 August 2019: 25 Years of Democracy: Growing South Africa Together for WomenŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s Emancipation

16 August 2019: Mpumalanga Provincial Executive Committee engages with Gert Sibande District municipalities

12 August 2019: Municipalities trained on Human Settlements programmes


July 2019

23 July 2019: Local Government career path encouraged at Chief Charles High School during Mandela Day commemoration


June 2019

28 June 2019: Regression in Municipal Audit Findings Highlights Need for Intensified Audit Support and Renewed Focus On Accountability and Consequence Management


May 2019

31 May 2019: SALGA welcomes leaders of the sixth Parliament and Administration

20 May 2019: SALGAn nominated as Water Ambassador at 5TH International River and Environmental Management Cooperation Conference


April 2019

24 April 2019: Auditor-General meets with municipalities on the Public Amendment Act (PAA)


February 2019

27 February 2019: SALGA makes submissions to the Portfolio Committee on CoGTA Municipal Systems Amendment Bill, B2 ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€“ 2019


December 2018

14 December 2018: SALGA makes great strides while reflecting on the 20 Years of White Paper on Local Government during NMA

13 December 2018: Assembly Applauds The Work Done To Abate Killing Of Councillors In Kzn, Calls On Local Governmentto Deliver Better Services

04 December 2018: SALGA to convene National Members Assembly to reflect on local government progress since the municipal elections and the adoption of the White Paper


November 2018

13 November 2018: Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize calls for Municipal Managers to drive the much-needed change in Local Government at SALGAŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s National Municipal Managers Forum

08 November 2018: SALGA to convene 13th instalment of the National Municipal Managers Forum (NMMF) in Ekurhuleni

01 November 2018: SALGA scoops sixth clean audit award


October 2018

17 October 2018: SALGA President delivers Lecture on Public Service

10 October 2018: 3RD Karoo STR Conference Delegates Engage in Robust Panel Discussions Under the theme ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€ĀœSmall Towns, New FuturesŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€¯

10 October 2018: SALGA tables 6th consecutive clean audit to Parliament


September 2018

26 September 2018: Buffalo City Executive Mayor calls for local government communicators to be pro-active in telling ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€Āœgood storiesŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€¯ about government

26 September 2018: SALGAŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s convenes National Communicators Forum (NCF) in East London

August 2018

22 August 2018: SALGA SAMWU IMATU Joint Media Briefing Free State municipalities

22 August 2018: SALGA rolls up sleeves to deal with challenges facing local government

21 August 2018: Media Alert SALGA engages Free State municipalities

08 August 2018: SALGA Effects Changes To The Provincial Executive Committee

08 August 2018: Wits Seminar ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€“ Using land to boost socio-economic transformation in local government

08 August 2018: SALGA WomenŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s Commission To Convene National Summit In East London, Eastern Cape Province

06 August 2018: SALGA Mpumalanga Provincial MembersŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™ Assembly 2018 hosted successfully


July 2018

26 July 2018: SALGA Leadership meets with King Sabatha Dalindyebo Municipality in Mthatha

23 July 2018: City-to-City Cooperation partnerships with Flemish municipalities

10 July 2018: Media Release Water Seminar Durban

09 July 2018: SALGA pays tribute to the late SAMWU icon

06 July 2018: New Reports Dispell Myths About Informal Trade

04 July 2018: Statement Of SALGA Limpopo On The Passing On Of Alderman Sizwe Ramaremela

June 2018

28 June 2018:UPDATE ON THE MUNICIPAL WAGE AND SALARY NEGOTIATIONS - Parties at the wage negotiations close to find one another but no deal yet!

15 June 2018:Municipal Spending Capabilities And Municipal Infrastructure Challenges Come Under The Spotlight As Local Government Seeks Solutions

11 June 2018:SALGA to convene Municipal Innovative Infrastructure Financing Conference to unlock infrastructural investments for municipalities

07 June 2018:
Municipal workers are biggest losers as wage negotiations deadlock

05 June 2018:Non-Financial Census of Municipalities 2017 attest that Local Government is lending a hand in improving the lives of the people


May 2018

23 May 2018: AG Findings Call For Audit Support For Municipalities To Be Intensified

18 May 2018: SALGA shocked as SAMWU makes U-turn at wage negotiations

17 May 2018: SALGA disappointed with SAMWUŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s rejection of the wage deal

07 May 2018: Its All Systems Go For NCOP & SALGA Annual Local Government Week Programme

04 May 2018: SALGA and NCOP to host Local Government Week in Cape Town

April 2018

23 April 2018: Enhancing Local Authorities’ Capacity For Development (EU-LA Mining Programme) Launch Event

18 April 2018: SALGA presents MemberŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s concerns during Public hearings into EskomŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s RCA application

18 April 2018: Salary And Wage Negotiations For Municipal Employees SALGA Tables Final Offer Of 6.6% To Municipal Trade Unions

17 April 2018: SALGA CEO crowned at the 17th Oliver Top Empowerment Awards

03 April 2018: SALGA mourns the passing of a Mother of a Great Nation and a Servant of the People - Mrs Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (26 September 1936 ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€“ 02 April 1918)

March 2018

26 March 2018: Cities converge in Cape Town to converse about Water Security and Drought Management

26 March 2018: SALGA and University of the Western CapeŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™s Dullah Omar Institute to host the first Research Colloquium

20 March 2018: SALGA Commemorates Human Rights Day

19 March 2018: SALGA to convene the annual local government: performance management and labour law seminars - 22 & 23 March 2018

07 March 2018:Local Government Salary And Wage Negotiations SALGA Tables New Offer Of 5.9% Year-On-Year Inflation

07 March 2018:Local Government Energy Summit 2018

03 March 2018:Media Invite SALGA Energy Summit Press Conference


February 2018

28 February 2018:SALGA to host Energy Summit to define ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€Ā˜the energy future of local government in South AfricaŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€™

21 February 2018:Media Invite - Showcasing Water Innovation and Technology Exhibition and Dialogue

18 February 2018:SALGA to host 12th National Municipal Managers Forum

15 February 2018:SALGA SONA 2018 expectations

06 February 2018:SALGA National Executive Committee met on Monday, 05 February 2018, Cape Town


January 2018

05 January 2018:Local government congratulates Matric Class of 2017


December 2017

12 December 2017:SALGA and eThekwini Metro Municipality wins bid to host the 6th UCLG World Summit of Regional Leaders in 2019


November 2017

20 November 2017:SALGA Working Groups to meet in Durban to deal with pertinent local and international issues facing local government

October 2017

24 October 2017:SALGA calls for increase in fiscus share for local government


September 2017

22 September 2017:South African Local Government Association (SALGA)Commemorates heritage day

13 September 2017:South African Local Government Association (SALGA) North West Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meets At Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality

05 September 2017:SALGA wishes to convey its heartfelt condolences to the Magaqa family and loved ones

05 September 2017:SALGA-UCLG President presents Habitat Report at UN

01 September 2017:SALGA calls for single sector planning regime at National Municipal Managers Forum amid growing demands for service delivery


August 2017

31 August 2017:SALGA condemns yet another killing of a Councillor

29 August 2017:SALGA engages Moerane Commission on councillor killings

11 August 2017: SALGA to convene Council of Speakers in Ethekwini Metropolitan


July 2017

25 July 2017:Local Government Communicators called to "walk in the footsteps" of the late Ronnie Mamoepa

21 July 2017:SALGA convenes Local Government Communicators in Durban to ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€Ā˜Bring Local Government Closer to the People

20 July 2017: SALGA NEC calls on review of councillor safety amidst killings

17 July 2017:SALGA #ActionAgainstPoverty dedicated to 67 minutes for Mandela Day
Mandela Day Commemoration 2017

17 July 2017:South African Local Government Association (SALGA) And Nelson Mandela Foundation join forces to restore human dignity

07 July 2017:South African Local Government Association (SALGA) And Nelson Mandela Foundation join forces to restore human dignity

June 2017

29 June 2017:SALGA welcomes Financial Census of Municipalities for the ended June 2016


May 2017

18 May 2017:SALGA welcomes COGTA Budget Vote designed to transform municipal spaces and build developmental Local Government

17 May 2017:SALGA Women Commission (SWC) says ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€Āœenough is enoughŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€¯Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€‚ŲøļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€€Å²øļĀŸĀœÅ¸Ä€ĀŸÄ€‰Å²øļĀŸ‰Å²¢Ä€¯ with gender based violence

17 May 2017:SALGA urges protestors to return back to communities

04 May 2017:SALGA meets with Minister of CoGTA, Des Van Rooyen to discuss key issues affecting local government

04 May 2017:SALGA President Chairs UN Panel.


March 2017

13 March 2017:SALGA Governance and Finance Indaba (MPUMALANGA)

October 2016

06 October 2016:Statement of SALGA congratulates outgoing Chairperson Honourable Thabo Mayoni


August 2016

11 August 2016: South African Local Government Association and National School of Government join forces


July 2016

08 July 2016: Statement of SALGA on the occasion of its last National Executive Committee meeting in the 3rd Local Government term ahead of Municipal Elections 2016


June 2016

29 June 2016: SALGA welcomes the release of the Financial Census of municipalities for year ending 30 June 2015

21 June 2016: Community Protests at the Local Level Highlight General Issues of Governance.

21 June 2016: SALGA introduces Municipal Barometer to evaluate effectiveness of different government programs and policies to address imbalances.

02 June 2016: SALGA Welcomes continued positive trend In Audit Outcomes as local government marks the end of the 3rd term


March 2016

21 March 2016: Media Release Human Rights Day

04 March 2016: Media Release 2015 Water Services Report MBI

04 March 2016: Media Invite Advisory Report Release MBI

03 March 2016: Media Release NERSA outcome on ESKOM RCA

02 March 2016: Media Release Municipal Elections 2016

02 March 2016: SALGAs response to daily dispatch report Razzmatazz to manage sports funds

02 March 2016: Media Release Holiday Accidents


February 2016

23 February 2016: Media Release Councillors shot and killed in GP

17 February 2016: SALGA Input for SONA Debate

10 February 2016: Media Release Salga Meets new CoGTA Minister


January 2016

20 January 2016: Media Release Eskom RCA Revised

30 January 2016: Media Release SALGA CEO honoured

15 January 2016: Holiday Period


December 2015

10 December 2015: Media Release SALGA wishes to congra new Minister of Finance


November 2015

11 November 2015: Media Release SALGA CEO honoured

09 November 2015: Media Release LitterBugsMe

22 November 2015: Media Release About SALGA 5 Fact


October 2015

14 October 2015: Media Statement briefing Portfolio Com CoGTA on AR


September 2015

30 September 2015: Media Statement SALGA Womens Commission

03 September 2015: SALGA congratulates eThekwini Metro on 2022

02 September 2015: Local Gov wage negotiations sucessfully conclude


August 2015

25 August 2015: SALGA NCOP Local Government week


March 2015

03 March 2015: New Release: SALGA tables offer for municipal employees

01 April 2015: Media Statement: National Treasury withholding equitable share allocations to municipalities

13 March 2015: News Release - Salga condemns burning of Mayor's House - Mpumalanga


October 2014

29 October 2014: Media Advisory :SALGA Eskom 30_10_2014


September 2013

18 September 2013: SALGA Presents Annual Report 2012/2013 to CoGTA Portfolio Committe


August 2013

13 August 2013: SALGA acknowledges the Auditor General's Report on municipal audit outcomes


July 2013

05 July 2013: SALGA to act on behalf of Municipalities on bid rigging by construction companies


January 2013

31 January 2013: SALGA deeply concerned about Eskom's proposed tariff hike

30 January 2013: NERSA Public hearing

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