National Members Assembly 2020


In accordance with the SALGA Constitution as amended in 2016, SALGA is convening the National Members Assembly to be held on 03 – 04 December 2020 under the theme “Celebrating 20 Years of Democratic Local Government”.

Purpose and Objectives of the National Members Assembly

  1. To reflect on the 20-year journey of local government transformation since the first democratic local government elections on 5 December 2000;
  2. To create a platform to share and learn from good practices and innovation and showcase achievements;
  3. To reflect on local government developments since the last NMA of December 2018;
  4. Adopt the Annual Report and Audited financial statements for the 2019/20 financial year; and
  5. Adopt the programme of action, business plan and budget of SALGA as approved by the NEC for the 2020/21 financial year.

The 2020 NMA will be held virtually on Zoom platform and will be streamed live on all SALGA’s social media platforms.




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