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June 2021

29 June 2021: Circular No.18 Notice Of Council Of Mayors

29 June 2021: Circular No. 16 Notice Of Council Of Speakers

08 June 2021: Circular 14 - Municipal Outdoor Advertising By-laws June 2021


November 2020

30 November 2020: SALGA marks 20-year journey of local government transformation and convenes National Members Assembly (NMA)

30 November 2020: SALGA North West to hold a Media Briefing during Provincial Members Assembly
Reflect on Municipalities financial and service delivery implications in the era of COVID-19 pandemic & preparedness for future pandemics

30 November 2020: SALGA North West to hold Provincial Members Assembly to reflect on Municipalities financial and service delivery implications in the era of COVID-19 pandemic & preparedness for future pandemics


May 2020

02 May 2020: Subject: State Of National Disaster Covid-19 Return To Work Guidelines For Municipalities


April 2020

26 April 2020: Solidarity Pledges To Contribute Towards The Curbing Of The Spread Of And Impact Of Covid-19

24 April 2020: Determination Of Upper Limits Of Salaries, Allowances And Benefits Of Councillors

17 April 2020: Revised Early Settlement Discounts On SALGA Membership Levies For 2020/21 Financial Year

16 April 2020: Implementation of Municipal Credit Control Policies

01 April 2020: Department of small business development support for ā€Ā˜spazaā€™ shops and informal traders/hawkers during covid-19 pandemic ā€“ relief funding scheme and qualifying criteria


March 2020

31 March 2020: Guideline on the interpretation of designated essential services during the nationwide lockdown period

26 March 2020: Department of Small Business Development support for ā€Ā˜spazaā€™ shops during covid-19 pandemic ā€“ request for municipal databases of licenced ā€Ā˜spazaā€™ shops

21 March 2020: Determination of upper limits of salaries, allowances and benefits of Councillors

16 March 2020: Postponement of the 3rd Annual Local Government Labour Law Seminar


February 2020

25 February 2020: Call for registration for the 3rd Annual Local Government Labour Law Seminar

20 February 2020: Request for inputs on the draft National Waste Management Strategy

13 February 2020: Determination of upper limits of Salaries, allowances and benefits of Councillors

13 February 2020: Commission recommendations

11 February 2020: Request for comment on: Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Act Amendments Bill

05 February 2020: Call for registration for the 3rd Annual Local Government Performance Management Seminar


January 2020

29 January 2020: South African local government participation at the world urban forum in Abu Dhabi

20 January 2020: Call for applications to enrol for the Local Government Women Leadership Development Programme


Septermber 2019

30 September 2019: Circular 14-2019 - Notification of the convening of UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders


July 2019

02 July 2019: Circular 10-2019 - Municipal Cost Containment Regulations

March 2019

01 March 2019: Circular 05-2019 - Municipal Outdoor Advertising By-laws


February 2019

09 February 2019: Circular 04/2019 - Second Annual LG Labour Law Seminar


November 2018

09 November 2018: Circular 46-2018 - SALGA National Members Assembly


October 2018

03 October 2018: Circular 40-2018 - Notice of 2018 NMA Postponement

August 2018

29 August 2018: Salary And Wage Collective Agreement 2018-2021


20 July 2018: Circular 25/2018 - Integrated Councillor Induction Programme Phase Two

20 July 2018: Circular 24/2018 - Notice for SALGA Womenā€™s Commission National Lekgotla

09 July 2018: Circular 21/2018 on Local Links Leadership Conversations Programme

06 July 2018: Update On Developments In The Municipal Councillors Pension Fund

03 July 2018: Circular 22/2018 - Update Regarding Salaries and Wages Dispute


June 2018

08 June 2018: Circular 20 / 2018 - Update On The Latest Regarding Salaries And Wage Negotiations

08 June 2018: Circular 19/2018 - Update On Salaries And Wage Negotiations


April 2018

20 April 2018: Facilitator Proposal on Salary and Wage Negotiations 2018

20 April 2018: Circular 17-2018 Update regarding Salaries and Wage Negotiations

19 April 2018: Circular 15/2018 - MIIF Conference

19 April 2018: Circular 16-2018 - Guidelines for Human Settlement Planning and Design

March 2018

29 March 2018: Circular 13-2018 - VAT Increase

15 March 2018: Ä€ Circular 11-2018 - Salaries Wage Curve and Pension Fund Negotiations

02 March 2018: Ä€ Circular 08-2018 - PMS Labour Law Seminars

02 March 2018: Ä€ Circular 09/2018 - Call for Applications for enrolment into the leadership in Municipal Governance programme

02 March 2018: Ä€ Circular 10/2018 - 2nd Essential Services Committee Stakeholders' Conference


February 2018

14 February 2018: Ä€ Alert on the fraudulent stop order payments going through municipalities bank accounts purporting to be from SALGA

14 February 2018: Ä€ CIRCULAR 01/2018 - Disciplinary procedure collective agreement

January 2018

19 January 2018:Ä€  Notice of postponement of the 2nd Africa Municipal Bonds Conference scheduled for 23-25 January 2018 and its reconvening as a SALGA Conference on innovative infrastructure financing instruments: 13-15 June 2018


December 2017

18 December 2017:Ä€ Determination of upper limits of salaries, allowances and benefits of councillors

18 December 2017:Ä€ Notice on Upper Limits of Councillors


November 2017

28 November 2017:Ä€ Circular 29/2017 - SALGA Municipal Leadership Competency Assessment Centre services closure over the 2017 holidays

October 2017

09 October 2017:Ä€ Circular 24 of 2017 - Municipal Leaders Media and Stakeholder Engagement...

September 2017

05 September 2017:Ä€ Circular 19 of 2017 on Municipal Leadership Competency Assessment Centre Roadshows


August 2017

15 August 2017:Ä€ Circular 17of 2017 Invitation to Comment on Draft Revised National Accreditation and Assignment Frameworks for Municipalities to Administer National Human Settlements Programmes

03 August 2017:
Revised National Accreditation and Assignment Frameworks



July 2017Ä€ 

11 July 2017:Ä€ PAN African Cemteries & Crematoria Conference 27 ā€“ 30 AUGUST 2017

11 July 2017:Ä€ SACA - PAN African Cemteries & Crematoria Conference Brochure


February 2017

14 February 2017:Ä€ SALGA - Circular 30 / 2016 Determination of the upper limits for the salaries, allowances and benefits of municipal Councillors


September 2016

02 September 2016:Ä€ SALGA - Circular 22/2016 Lesotho Special Permit Programme


August 2016Ä€ 

17 August 2016:Ä€ SALGA - Circular 19/2016 Remuneration of Municipal Counicllors

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